Deep Jyoti’s mission is to repair broken hearts…..broken lives. But how can we continue to educate some children when life itself is ready to abandon them? We look to you for support in our endeavor to provide a better future for these children and families in need. Any contribution, no matter how small, can really make a difference in their lives.

Who We Are

c Non-government organization located in Sukhpur, Supaul of Bihar, and established in 2010, Regs. Office 1220/10 Govindpuri, Kalkaji, New Delhi-110019, India.

c Deep Jyoti translates to “ray of light” in English, and it is our hope that the educational and health support we provide will be a ray of light in the lives of needy children.

c The project is open to children and families of all castes and religious backgrounds.

Education Facts

z Low literacy rates are the backbone of this impoverished community.

z Illiterate parents are raising illiterate children, perpetuating the cycle of poverty.

z Inadequate public education and unsupportive parents contribute to a high drop-out rate in the primary grades.

z Children often have no place to study at home, and access to computers and books is limited.
Health Facts

r Many of these children are anemic, which negatively impacts proper long-term development.

r Over 90% of our students come from families without proper food, toilet, and clothes in their homes.

r The incident of water and food related illness is extremely high and proper sanitation is virtually non-existent.

Nutrition Facts

c The vast majority of our children are seriously underweight for their age.

c Families do not have enough money to provide their children with a well-balanced diet.

c Children are only eating fruits once a year; during mango season which lasts for 2 months.

c Protein and vegetable intake is also inadequate for the needs of growing children.

Primary Education

i After school program for classes 1st to 5th

i 275 children regularly attend these programs

i Students are provided educational support and tutoring in all subjects

Secondary Education

r After school program for 6th to 10th

r 26 children are currently learning

r Students are provided educational support and tutoring in all subjects

Current Objectives

n Provide educational opportunities to poor and needy children

n Develop children’s interest in sports by organizing competitive games

n Free monthly distribution of school supplies to the poor and needy children

n Encourage self sufficiency by providing vocational training

n Support health awareness by teaching adults and children about nutrition and positive health habits

n Promote environmental awareness by providing information on conservation, pollution, recycling, etc.

Future Planning

z Children’s Nutrition Center

z Primary Health Check-up Center

z Additional Primary And Secondary Classes

z Vocational Education Center and Adult Education Center

z Expanded Computer Center in order to provide optimal education opportunities for the maximum amount of people

How Can You Help?

c Volunteer your time and share your creative talents

c We currently have 4 teachers for 300 students

c Donate school supplies for the children.

c Donate vocational training materials or computers

c Become a regular sponsor or enlist other sponsors to help the cause.

Donor Information

n For Cheque/draft: DEEP JYOTI CHARITABLE TRUST, account no- 31115021919, SBI bank, Kalkaji branch, New Delhi-110019, India.

n International donors please contact us via email or telephone:

n Email:

n Phone: 9654114198, 9570119131, 9555451231

n Web:

n Project- Sukhpur-12, Supaul, Bihar, India.
Regd. office- 1220/10, Govindpuri, Kalkaji, New Delhi-110019, India.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Monthly report December-2010

• Monthly parents meeting.
• Teachers meeting
• Regular class activities.
• Monthly test.
• Sport
• Celebrated Merry Christmas.

1.Monthly parents meeting:
We had taken monthly parents meeting on 18th December 2010. Total 67 parents attend the meeting. During the meeting we shown progress of their children as well as discussed with the parents to make regular their children in the centre.

2. Teachers meeting:
On 19th December we took Teachers meeting. We discussed together about the time table, syllabus during the meeting.

3. Regular class activities:
Drawing and painting: Basically children draw the pictures on X-MAS celebration. They draw different pictures candle, x-mas tree, toffee, gift etc.
Art and craft: Children made X-mas tree, candle, flowers etc and decorated in the classroom.
Writing and Reading skill: They learnt about Animals name, vegetables name, colors name, our helpers in English and Hindi both. They learnt about addition, subtraction, multiplication and Division as well as per their label. Generally we focused about their school syllabus that’s why they can learn and understand easily at their school. And also we focused to make their good English.

4. Monthly test:
We had taken monthly examination of the children on 29th December. Total 205children participated in the examination. They have shown very well performance, every child got more than 52% marks. We distributed copy as a prize to all these children who get above 75% marks in the monthly test.

5. Sport:
Because of very cold children didn’t go to outside to play out door game.In the every Saturday Children played ludo and caram board as Indoor game as well as they played another indoor games in in the project like Blind falls, stachoo etc.

6. Celebrated Merry Christmas:
We celebrated Merry Christmas together in the project. The class rooms were decorated with drawing and craft of candle, toffee, x-mas tree, gift etc made by the children. During this celebration we distribute toffee to the all children.

Monday, December 6, 2010

First Celebration of Bihar's children

Friday, December 3, 2010

Class Activities of Bihar